Top 3 Grossing Movies Of 2019

Guest 20 17th Feb, 2020

                         2019 has been a spectacular year when it comes to movies. It gave us such thrilling and exciting movies related to romance, thriller, horror, comedy, action, adventure, animation, sci-fi and much more. This year, many great movies broke records and some even managed to keep their charm despite being reanimated.
 Although 2020 has just begun, we must not forget what an exciting ride 2019 gave us so let’s look back to the top highest grossing movies of 2019;
 3. Toy Story 4
 One of the most movies of all time, Toy story has always been one of a kind. It’s a family-friendly movie where parents along with kids regardless of their can enjoy a movie without a worry. Of course, when it mentioned it’s about to launch a toy story 4, the world couldn’t resist so made effort to watch it. There’s a reason why this movie is in the top 3.
 http://putlocker.shop is introduced to the woody gang called “forky” with whom, toys decide to take a trip and travel outside their home to see how big the world is and how fun can it be for a toy. Woody during the trip meets his old friend “Bo” and both discuss their lives with each other but soon woody realizes that toys have two different worlds.
 The movie scored $ $432 million domestically whereas $1.05 billion were made internationally.
 2. The Lion King
 The all-time favorite classic movie with amazing life lessons and a touch of realistic animation, this movie just touched the hearts of billions around the world, reviving their past and creating a memory for the young. The lion king is a Disney movie and even when it was released back in 1994, it was the most grossing animated movie of all time for Disney and even now, it kept its charm despite being reanimated.
 Well, everyone knows the story but if you don’t then we will tell you. The story revolves around a young cub named “Simba” who is the son of the king “Mufasa.” The villain named “Scar” is Mufasa’s brother who turns in vengeance of stealing his limelight by introducing the future king, other than him. He, later on, he kills Mufasa and orders Simba's death as all however samba manages to survive and comes back to the pride rock once grown up to revenge against scar and take the thrown.
 The movie scored a whopping $530 million domestic gross profit and $1.60 billion international gross.
 1. Avengers: End Game
 Lastly, the highest-grossing film of all time in 2019, Avengers: End Game takes the lead as it not only focuses on the lives of remaining allies from the Infinity War of Avengers but also gives everyone emotional ride. The movie includes just about everything; action, adventure, comedy, romance, thriller and much more. The film does have funny scenes but it’s mostly a quiet film, including various emotional scenes, making the audience cry.
 So the movie contains all remaining allies like I previously discussed who join hands together to fix all the chaos created by Thanos to sustain balance in the world.
 The movie made $858 million domestic gross profit and $2.80 billion international gross profit respectively.
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