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Guest 99 3rd Feb, 2020

                         https://kajianislami.co/ - Mirrored Prayer When We Reflect - Mirrored prayers you should say while doing mirror activities. Mirroring is practiced by almost everyone, from children to parents. In general, the mirror is done to see the condition of the face and surroundings, such as hair, ears, and other body parts. Usually people mirror identical to dressing up or dressing themselves up. This activity is so familiar to be done by women. However, not a few men who do the same thing. For ordinary people, reflecting is done every day, even if it's just combing hair. With a mirror, you can clearly see what is happening with the face of the organs around the other heads. This is Islamic News which is very useful for us all.

Every person who is Muslim when looking at a mirror certainly has its own manners or procedures. There are special prayers when looking in the mirror. This is what distinguishes between Muslims and non-Muslims. However, it does not rule out there are also Muslims who have not practiced reading prayer with mirror because they do not know it yet. Therefore, it is necessary to be informed as widely as possible with the aim of the common good. That way, those who don't know and practice prayer while looking in the mirror can immediately find out. For more details, consider carefully the information below.

Mirrored prayers that you should read to get pleasure from Allah SWT. The prayers are short enough so that they are easily memorized everyday. Mirrored prayer reads you can recite before starting the activity with a mirror.

"Allaahumma kamaa khassanta kholfii fakhassin khuluqii".

اَللَّهُـمَّ كَمَا حَسَّـنْتَ خَلْقِـيْ فَحَسِّـنْ خُلُقِـيْ

Which means, "O God, as You have created me well, then correct my morals".

By reading these prayers, as a Muslim or Muslim can always maintain the morals of the various activities carried out. In this case, you want to look in the mirror to dress up or similar activities. Even though the activity is quite light and trivial, anything must always start with prayer.

Calling the name of God as God Almighty will make the person who recites it feel better. In other words, everything that starts with prayer will certainly be better and run smoothly because of getting protection from God.

Mirrored prayers are quite short and easy to memorize. Therefore, it is fitting for you to practice it in everyday life. If you are married and in the position of head of the household, it is his responsibility to teach and practice the prayer to all family members. Be thankful if all family members are no exception to yourself being able to practice this prayer. That way, big hopes for blessing and protection from God are still wide open.

Every Muslim in the world wants the best in their daily activities. Prayer becomes a differentiator from what Muslims do with other religious communities. The prayer is offered to God to be given ease, spaciousness, and goodness in any activity. Likewise, when you all want to look in the mirror to just comb your hair or decorate yourself. These activities can be obstacles even if only small.

For example, you want to comb your hair and not read prayer prayers. When combing your hair, the comb you hold is broken so it doesn't work. Such a thing can happen to anyone and for those who believe it is a warning from God to read the prayer first before doing it. Therefore, there is no harm in practicing by reciting the prayer. Moreover, the reading is quite short, making it easy and practical to memorize. Therefore, do not forget to do a mirror prayer every day. ( https://kajianislami.co/ )
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