Facts You Should Be Familiar With Perkins Diesel Engine Serial Number

Guest 216 14th Mar, 2020

                         Founded noisy . Last century, Perkins has long produced diesel engines for various industries. They sought to alter diesel engines from a slow-moving working engine to some high-speed, high-performance workhorse. They succeeded. At first they produced engines for agricultural applications, however engines are available in marine equipment, industrial, construction, and much more. 
 If you are seeking parts or rebuild kits on your Perkins engine, you need to be able to uncover and identify your engine serial number to find the proper parts. This differs between engine manufacturers, as well as from manufacturer to manufacturer in the same company, so figure out how to know the information you need!
 Most Perkins engines fall under two categories, pre-1978 (1966-1978another numbering method was used just before that) and post-1978, which include current engines being produced.
 In pre-1978 engines, the ESN consisted of a max of 13 digits, beginning with its cubic inch capacity, it's manufacturing country, the OEM, the serial number, followed by letters indicating any special featuresD for direct injection, for example. This product of numbering is not followed, and the ESN on modern Perkins engines could be a little longer.
 The conventional format for any post-1978 model starts off with two letters indicating the Engine Family / Type Code. This code can present you with a lot more specific information regarding the features of the engine, including whether or not this carries a turbo, is water or air cooled, etc. 
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