A pillow can be a great addition to your sleep quality as a supplement to a good mattress. In the blog post below, you will find 5 simple rules that you need to follow to avoid pillow purchases and enjoy a fantastic night's sleep. Rule 1: Get detailed advice If you are looking for a really good pillow that is right for you, you should get advice. Health aspects are just as important here as your preferred sleeping position or your tendency to sweat. Neck pain, headache or back pain can be avoided in some cases with a suitable neck pillow. Neck pillows are often called neck support pillows because they support the neck and spine with their shape, which is specially adapted to the body and head. For example, the support prevents the head from bending in the side position, which can cause neck pain. When choosing the right neck pillow, sleeping position, physique and also the pillow size play a decisive role. There are also health pillows that support different parts of the body and prevent pressure points. Your advisor should definitely ask you about your mattress so that he can advise you competently. Without this knowledge, the selection is arbitrary and the probability of finding the perfect pillow is very low. Ask for advice on suitable pillow cases Keep in mind that with many pillows your bedding does not fit perfectly. For almost all pillows on the market there are matching covers in various colors. Why is that important? If the pillowcase is too big, you always have “residue” on your neck or face. That also disturbs sleep. Rule 2: A pillow must match the mattress How do I find the right pillow for my mattress? The main rule: when you go out to buy a pillow, take all the information about your mattress that you can find. Here the mattress height, the material, the type of shoulder zone and the firmness are decisive. Why? The sinking depth of the body into the mattress is crucial for the pillow height. If the pillow is too high, stretch the cervical vertebra. If the pillow is too low, the head is not properly supported, which increases tension. Poor sleep, neck tension and slept arms rarely come from the pillow alone. Neck tension e.g. 95% are caused by a bad shoulder area of ​​the mattress. And maybe you are not just choosing a new pillow, but also considering a new mattress: Then our 10 tips can help you. Which pillow is the right one for a waterbed? The same applies here as described above. Since you sink deep into your shoulders with a waterbed, the pillow must never be too high. In addition, it should be very breathable, since all the heat and moisture are radiated upwards with a water bed. Rule 3: The pillow shape must fit your body Which pillow height should I choose? And here too, the information about the mattress is very important. The deeper you sink in with your shoulder, the more you reduce the distance between the ear and the mattress. The wider your shoulders are, the more sinking depth is required or the higher the pillow needs to be. The pillow width can also be decisive. If the pillow is too narrow, you always have to "pull it behind" when you turn it over. That disrupts sleep. Don't use 80x80cm pillows! Each mattress has a shoulder zone on which you should lie directly with your shoulder. If you lie on the pillow instead, this zone cannot have any effect. You cannot sink in and your thoracic spine will curve upward. The vertebral bodies are thus at an angle to one another and exert pressure in the area of ​​the intervertebral discs. In addition, the muscles are unnecessarily under tension. Turn over the 80x80cm pillow, you can also use a 40x80cm pillow directly and have less work at night. Neck support pillow or sleeping pillow? Many people don't know the difference between neck support pillows and sleeping pillows. A neck support pillow should fix your cervical vertebra and take into account any previous damage to the cervical spine. A sleeping pillow should let you sleep well. It must be the right height and fit you. Everything from cuddly pillows to super solid pillows can be found here. Which pillow is suitable for side sleepers? Here you can use both neck support pillows and sleeping pillows. The correct height of the pillow is important. In general, every pillow should be equally suitable for side and back sleepers. But the differences can be explained in detail in good advice. Rule 4: Pay attention to good breathability and hygiene Why should my pillow be breathable? Most of the heat is emitted through the head - and therefore most of the moisture. Any pillow that is not breathable interferes with sleep and regeneration. In addition, damp pillows are a paradise for mites and therefore also unsanitary. In the meantime, there are even pillows with a cooling effect: a perfect solution for "frequent swimmers". Ask about the washability of the pillow Not every pillow is washable - it is best to inquire when buying whether the pillow is washable or at least if the cover is removable and washable. If you want to wash your pillow, you should wash it every 4-6 months, the pillowcase every 6 weeks and the bedding every 2 weeks. Foam pillows are usually washable. If the size of the pillow is suitable for your washing machine, it can be cleaned there, otherwise also in the bathtub. In both cases the pillow should be thrown or wrung out and then dried well. How long should a good pillow last? As described above, most of the heat and moisture is released through the head. Thus, a pillow is also subjected to great loads from a hygienic point of view. During this period, a pillow must not lose support or strength. Good pillows are said to have a shelf life of 5 years. Rule 5: Test the pillow of your choice In the store you will never find out if the pillow fits you. Good advice limits the selection, but we do not recommend buying directly without expert advice. Test your desired pillow on your mattress in your bed. In our company we propose the following process: 1. Advice and selection of 1-2 pillow favorites that are suitable for you. 2. Test phase in your own bedroom: borrow from the appropriate test pillow for 7 days. Alternatively, we also offer our "Kissentaxi" for customers from the Wuppertal region and the surrounding area, i.e. https://jdgoshop.com/product/sleepdream-cervical-pillow/ come to your home: In your luggage a pre-sorted selection of pillows, which our sleep advisor will match your mattress and your sleeping behavior. How to get your new optimal pillow quickly and easily. Order a pillow taxi now Conclusion To sum up: A pillow is as individual as a mattress. There are no answers to the general questions: "Which pillows are the best?" Or "Which pillow is healthy?" Questions about pillows for neck pain or cervical spine problems cannot be answered generally, but only on a case-by-case basis. Test results from Stiftung Warentest are a possible clue for a good pillow, but ultimately your own well-being and the feeling of lying down decide whether a pillow fits you or not. Only good advice and a test phase in your own bed can lead to the right result.