They are the "lipstick" of a room: pillows. When it comes to furnishing a living room, they are essential components. Pillows have a great influence on the effect of a room, because only they complete the look. So that you don't get lost in the colorful pillow forest, we will tell you what to consider when you embellish your home with the textile accessories and show you with concrete examples how you can become a master of pillow mixing.   Decorate basic rules for pillows 1. Pick up the colors of the room in the pillows 2. Stay in a color family and choose this as basic 3. Use different pillow sizes to create a cool layer look 4. Dare to mix different colors, patterns and textures (note points 1 and 2) 5. Be keen to experiment! The effect of pillows Decorating with cushions is a wonderful way to give your living room a little update with new color and material trends. Thanks to colored cushions, you can easily add more contrast to any room and breathe life into it. If combine your pillows so that they take up the colors of the room, you will quickly find that your living room looks much more harmonious. Pillow decoration: what number, size and shape? In principle, of course, everyone can arrange as many pillows on the sofa as they want. The only styling rule: choose an even number if you want to create a traditional look and use an odd number if you follow a modern or eclectic style.   When it comes to size, variance is the magic word: if you only choose standard 50 x 50 cm pillows, you are missing out on the great opportunity to add depth to your arrangement. Rather choose pillows in different sizes and shapes to create a layered look - that looks more cozy and inviting.   All my pillows: play with materials Don't be afraid to combine different textures like velvet, linen and fur! If you combine lighter with heavier textures, you get a look that is cozy and modern at the same time. >> Velvet and glitter cushions enhance your sofa, wool or fur cushions make it cozy, cushions with a colorful linen print create an exotic touch.   P.S .: The mix of materials doesn't just have to be limited to your sofa cushions. The cushion materials can also be picked up from a fur carpet, jute basket or a glass lamp - making your sofa space a lively eye-catcher.   Decorate pillows with colors - the magic number 3 1. Basic rule number one: Your pillow colors pick up the other colors in the room and stand in contrast to your sofa. 2. Set a limit of 3 (dominant) colors - too many different colors can quickly become chaotic and restless. 3. Decide on complementary colors. With different bright, contrasting tones, the warmer color dominates and your selection appears unbalanced. 4. If you are undecided when deciding on the color, follow the "60/30/10 rule": If your pillows are different sizes, choose the largest in the most neutral color and the smallest in the most intense color. You can choose the medium-sized ones in medium tones. 5. Concentrate on one color family. Look around in your living room and identify 2-3 colors that meet criteria 1 and 3. If you then go on a pillow shopping tour, you simply take your color palette with you and always have your colors at hand for comparison.   Cushions for gray sofas - stage for the exotic Think of your gray sofa as the stage for the greatest pillows! No other color (although gray is actually a so-called non-color) can withstand more color and experimentation.   In the above example, a wide variety of patterns, materials (velvet and woven fabric), sizes and textures are gathered. Nevertheless, there is no unrest because the color palette is clearly defined: blue, green, blue. These can also be found in the rest of the facility, which loosens up the room in a playful way! Pillow decoration: the power of the triangle The blue of the pillows is repeated in the decoration above the sofa shown above, in which the shades of green from the pillows and house plants also appear. This creates a harmonious color triangle around your sofa! Cushions for gray sofas - the monochrome look   Do you prefer an elegant monochrome look? Then keep your black and white palette and instead provide variety on your sofa with cushions in exciting textures! Here, creped and corrugated cushion structures create movement for the eye. The same principle for a dark sofa: cushions with white patterns look refreshing - the mix of leather and fabric cushions looks exciting despite the black and white setting!