It leaves from platform 9 at Tokyo's JR Shinjuku Station. You can get tickets for this train at JR East (Environment-friendly tinted) Office in any station. If you intend on buying a JR Pass (must be purchased online prior to you enter Japan), you can make use of the JR Hand down component of the journey. You have to pay an additional fare as component of the trip is not by JR I wear ´ t assume you will conserve any cash by acquiring a 7-day JR Masquerade the train considering that you are only doing two train trips (Osaka-Kyoto as well as Kyoto-Tokyo). Inside Osaka, Kyoto, as well as Tokyo you can not utilize the JR Pass anyhow. You can purchase a Suica or Pasmo card that you fill with a quantity of cash that you so can make use of for trains, buses, city, train and more. 7-days JR Passes ought to be fine for your itinerary. If you turn on the pass on the 14th of December, when you go from Tokyo to Takayama, the last day you can utilize your passes are the 20th December. So it will just cover your trip since you intend on mosting likely to Fukuoka on the 20th. With a 2 week JR Pass, you can trigger it on your method from Nagoya Airport to Kyoto, and also utilize everything of your 2 week in Japan. The spaces are small, but the are tidy and also comfortable with ensuite restrooms, televisions as well as wi-fi. In Kanazawa I stayed in one that likewise showed an in-room computer system. Lonely World is an excellent, reliable guide to these resorts. I likewise differ with you concerning the rail pass. JR Pass is the best train travel masquerade Japan, enabling you limitless use of all JR trains throughout Japan. You can take quick as well as super-cool Shinkansen/ bullet train, local JR traveler trains, JR buses, and JR ferryboats (as an example from Hiroshima city to Miyajima Island). I think you can acquire tickets for all 4 of you using the very same Suica or Pasmo card (however you need to examine this). You can also make use of the Suica or Pasmo card to purchase stuff at stands and also some stores as it works practically like a debit card that you prefill. Kamakura is a city by the sea beyond Tokyo on the eastern coast (about 1-hour train trip from Tokyo one means). I recommend that you cut the day-trip to Nikko, and rather do an outing to Kamakura from Tokyo on your day 3. A bullet train big salami to Osaka is the same as a 7 day JR Pass. Why not buy the JR come on case you choose to add trips rather than having to pay additional. Also if you do not make use of the added days, you still have them simply in case at no additional price. You will obtain so see enough temples in Tokyo as well as Kyoto anyhow. It also depends on how many days you are spending in Japan and also how many days and just how much you will certainly travel around Japan. You can select between Train Masquerade 7, 14, or 21 days (we had the 2 week). As for lodging, you can remain in luxury hotels and also costly Ryokans (standard Japanese inns), or cheap capsule hotels and hostels. There is a brand new train going from Tokyo to Hakone in less than two hrs.