Black Truffle Salt

Guest 11 15th Feb, 2020

                         https://www.pinterest.com/edmondsongilbert/ truffles are the little crustaceans that you can see on the forest floor. They have large ropy stems and red markings. This is what they eat when they grow larger. They thrive in sandy or clay-loam soils with low moisture content.
 http://url.ie/160zb have to be careful when choosing truffle salt because black truffles are not the same as the white truffles we use. You can only have so much of each. So buy a larger salt shaker for your kitchen and use it accordingly.
 To make http://ttlink.com/bookmark/8d4b7530-7e5e-4173-8dc7-4fbdaad18ba0 , combine one teaspoon of salt and one cup of salted water. Add more salt if you think the water tastes salty. Set it aside. Once the mixture cools down, put it back into the refrigerator and let it set for about an hour.
 When the mixture becomes brittle, remove it from the refrigerator and mix it up. You have to press it thoroughly if you want to get good results. But the texture is usually crumbly. You can add in lemon juice, white wine or orange juice. Mix the mixture until it forms a lumpy, but not too sticky consistency.
 You can use this glaze on almost anything that you want to have a special truffle color or shade. It is known to work well on food, cakes, cookies, sweet potato pie, and even cheesecake. You can use it just for decoration.
 You can use it as a coating on old biscuits, too. You can even add it to soups. Just remember to use a thin layer because the color will fade if you use too much.
 By using this salt, you can make your food and drink taste like black truffles. If you need a special coating to give your food or drink a fancy color, this is the right solution. It can also make your food taste like delicious truffles.
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