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                         Glass insulators were initial made in the 1850's for use with telegraph lines. https://umek.pro This was not a concern for SRP consequently, the first batch of composite insulators installed in the 1980s on many 230-kV lines had no corona ring. Sediver made up a proprietary conception of glass insulators working with higher strength aluminous cement with a precise hot curing course of action that confers one of a kind mechanical and residual strength as effectively as mechanical stability more than time.
 The majority of all glass suspension insulators installed in Norway, come from Sediver and NTP Merchandise. Most higher-voltage lines use ball-and-socket-variety porcelain or toughened glass insulators. Contrary to ceramic insulators, any crack or hole produced for the duration of manufacturing method is detectable in the glass insulators.
 Mainly because there is no industry common on reside-line working with composite insulators and simply because of the difficulty in receiving an outage on its 500-kV lines, which are co-owned by numerous utilities, SRP decided not to use polymer insulators at 500 kV. After reviewing the service practical experience of toughened glass insulators, SRP decided to look at them equal to porcelain in bid processes.
 For deadend application in this variety and higher voltages, only toughened glass insulators are applied. Suggestions on selection of technological gear for contemporary lines for production of suspension and rod insulators made of tempered and annealed glass. Custom manufacturer of glass insulators.
 The Lynchburg Glass Corporation in Lynchburg, Virginia produced glass insulators between November, 1923, and May possibly, 1925. The porcelain insulators are tested on a frequent basis for punctures and cracks attributed to cement expansion, which have triggered primarily mechanical failures of various strings across the higher-voltage technique.
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