The Best Downtown Restaurant in Tucson AZ

Guest 4,471 22nd Apr, 2020

                         Looking to try a new https://theboxyardtucson.com/beer-wine-bar-tucson , but not sure where to go? At The Boxyard Tucson, we have craft beer on tap, great local food and live music all in one, convenient space. Situated in Downtown Tucson AZ, we offer those who visit a wide variety of delicious food & drinks. No matter what mood you're in, we've got the right food and atmosphere covered.
 https://theboxyardtucson.com/ is a unique concept, nestled between 10 brightly colored shipping containers that house our bars and restaurants. We have outdoor spaces and tables scattered throughout where you can relax to music, dance (we know how your Uncle Tom likes to boogie down), or even bring your dog! Those who visit us often bring friends and family, so we really aim to offer a space that is fun and welcoming for everyone. If you happen to be in the area, we would love to serve you.
 In the mood for a glass of wine? We have a wide range of wine options to suit even the fussiest palates. For those not sure what to try, ask one of our friendly staff members and they will help you to select the best wine for the occasion.
 Not really in the mood for a glass of wine, maybe just a casual drink with friends? We've also got you covered at the best bar in Tucson, with many commercial and craft beers on tap. Whether you're after a classic Pacifico, a refreshing cider, or one of our local craft beers, we have it all. We can also fix you up with one of our signature cocktails while you relax and take in some of the live music.
 No matter what type of food you're craving, we'll have something to satisfy that midday hunger. With Indian, Mexican, Vietnamese and BBQ, you can take your pick.
 We support the local music scene. In the evenings, we offer a range of entertainment across many genres. We want you to have a good time when you're here, so head down for a drink and take in the nightlife!
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