Winter Car Maintenance: Top Tips

Guest 15 14th Jul, 2020

                         The ZD30 engine has suffered a poor reputation for premature failures including melting/cracking pistons and overboosting, largely due to some common issues. These engines run a variable vain turbocharger with boost controlled by the ECU, and to meet stringent european emission standards run an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. Running fairly high boost levels from factory causes the ZD30 to be a heavy breathing engine and oil vapour is forced into the inlet tract contaminating the Mass Air Flow sensor (MAF), working its way through the intercooler and into the inlet manifold. The EGR system can turn this oil vapour into a thick tar like consistency, blocking inlet runners, which in turn can lead to some cylinders running rich and some lean, resulting in melted pistons...
 Before screwing the new plugs back into your car ensure that they are properly gapped. This means using a spark plug gap gage, which you can get from any auto parts near me for less then a dollar. Slide the gapper into the gap and turn it till it's tight. This is your current gap, the owners manual should tell you what gap your plugs should be at. Continue turning the gapper until the reading matches your manual.
 #1 Change your oil, air filter and oil filter. You probably do this regularly but make sure that you do it before the heat of the summer takes place. Your oil, oil filter and your air cleaner will help cool your car and cause less strain on your engine. Less strain means fewer problems.
 However, this is only a small part of keeping your costs when it comes to driving lower. Automobile experts have come up with tips on how to further reduce your driving costs.
 Another car part you can replace on your own. Check your blades often, especially in areas where the whether is constant rain, or extreme cold. Blades can be bought at your local auto parts store near me, and you can change them in the parking lot, asking for help if you run into trouble.
 Settling into the seat next to Little Frankie, who, by the way, had to have weighed in just under what that El Camino he was driving weighed, I introduced myself and begin to tell him where I needed to go. Little Frankie explained he knew just where I was and promptly asked me if I'd like the air conditioning turned on. I'm not sure why, but all I could say was, "I might be able to get by without it, but it sure would make my life a whole lot easier right now." To my surprise Little Frankie began rolling up his window, motioned to mine and reached across to turn on the switch that said a/c. Well, how about that. A 1972 El Camino with a perfectly good working air conditioner.
 Ok, now that I've scared the be-gee-bers out of you, if doing it yourself is still your goal, do your research. Get a Chilton's manual, or a Hayes manual for your specific car. Make sure https://www.u-pull-it.com/used-auto-parts-store-near-me/amp/ have the appropriate tools for the job and understand the proper steps to accomplish the job.
 If you go to your local auto store near me or RV dealer and ask them "How can I isolate a second battery so I won't drain the starting battery" they will likely aim you toward an electronic battery isolator that may cost the better part of $100. I've used them in the past and they've often caused more problems then they've solved. Today's computer controlled cars are sensitive to any electrical add on device that may require you to modify the original wiring. Such was the case with my 2001 GMC, the charging system became unreliable with the modifications required to make an electronic isolator work.
 There are certain companies that only sell their own brand of auto parts. This means they do not have a retail markup that includes a markup to cover distribution of the parts from the manufacturer to one company and then to another. This lets the company that only sells its own auto parts offer them for much cheaper and still make enough of a profit level to remain in business. A company like this will specialize in the car parts that have the most crossover applications, i.e. the same part fits several vehicles, and the most commonly replaced auto parts. These are car parts like brake parts, hub bearings, struts, strut assemblies, and other frequently changed maintenance parts. A good example of a company like this is Prime Choice Auto Parts.
 Be certain to include all your contact information. You can print on the front and back of plastic cards, plenty of room to put phone numbers, street addresses, email info, and social media business names from sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Don't forget to add the "@" symbol before your Twitter alphanumeric characters, and remember to include extension numbers for your business phone numbers if that would mean your customers can reach you faster.
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